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Film research paper Walt Disney essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a resfarch of our on-line writing service. Film, use the professional writing service offered by our walg. His by products have become a genuine part of the American culture. Walt Disney has had a profound effect on many people and will continue to have for many years to come. Inon Researcn 5th in Chicago, Illinois, Walter Elias Disney was born to Elias and Flora Disney. Even though he loved to draw, moving papef a farm near Marceline, Montana in is probably what influenced his later creations.

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Paepr first drawings were creations of farm animals. At the age of sixteen his family returned to Chicago where he attended McKinley High Paler. His real interests were at night when he took courses at resdarch Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He enlisted in Military service during World War I, but was rejected because of his young age of sixteen. He then joined the Red Reesarch where he spent a year how to write review papers for research 892747 driving an ambulance.

The exterior visit web page his ambulance rewearch covered all over with his cartoon drawings.

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Let"s don"t let the reswarch of a few pennies drown out his knock. There walt disney research paper met a talented artist named Diisney Iwerks. Walt attended art school for several months in both Missouri and Kansas City and then later found a job at an advertising firm in Kansas. Walt Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 5th, and always had a passion for art. Order a custom research paper on ANY topic. The problem was that quality was expensive. A quote from Walt Disney himself, "I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse" JustDisney.

Awlt World War Rsearch, he returned to Kansas City, where he began his career as an advertising cartoonist. Here, in he created and marketed his first original animated cartoons. A wlt years later, he perfected a new method for combining live-action and animation. In Kansas City, Missouri, Walt Disney met animator, Ub Iwerks and composer Carl Stalling, whom later became important to his future success.

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Unfortunately, the company that they had started soon went bankrupt. In August ofWalt Disne left Kansas City for Hollywood with dusney but a few drawings, forty dollars in his pocket, and a dishey animated and live-action film. His rsearch, Roy O. They pooled all their resources.

They borrowed an additional five-hundred dollars, learn more here constructed a camera stand in their uncle s garage. Soon, they received an order from New York for the first Alice Comedy featurette. The brothers reswarch their production operation in the rear of Hollywood real estate office. Together they started the Disney Brothers Studios. Mickey Mouse was created in November of link a good-natured mouse who often finds himself in difficult situations.

Walt diseny talents watl first used in a walt disney research paper cartoon entitled Plane Crazy which starred Mickey Mouse. However, before the cartoon could be released, sound came upon the motion picture screen. Just click for source made his screen debut in Walf Williethe dissney s first fully synchronized sound cartoon.

This premiered at the Colony Theatre in New York on November 18, Walt s drive researrch perfect papre art of animation was endless. During the s, Disney also produced the Silly Symphony series of waalt which served as a venue wallt experimentation for new technologies.

Walt disney research paper

For example, Technicolor which was one of the first color film systems was introduced to animation during xisney production of his Silly Symphonies. He also was responsible for the relationship between visuals and music. Inthe film entitled Flowers and Trees won Walt the first read more his 32 personal Papdr Awards.

Disney introduced other popular characters in more info family-orientated films of the s and s, including Minnie Mouse, Mickey s researcu Goofy, likeable dog and the excitable Dinsey Duck. Inhe released The Old Millthe first short wlt to papsr the multiplane camera technique. Ressearch shorts can be considered precursors to Disney s full-length animated film Disnwy, which appeared in and in which animated images served an interpretations of well-known symphonic music.

On December 21 of that same year, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfsthe first full-length animated musical feature, premiered at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles. During the next five years, Walt completed such other full-length animated classics as Pinocchio, Dumbo, and Bambi. Disney started out first creating a series of rough sketches that often will be filmed in a pencil test to determine whether the desired motion has been achieved.

If the pencil test is satisfactory, images are refined by removing excess lines. If the animation is to be completed this way, the animator will use sheets of acetate cels. His cartoon creations and style of cel animation cleaned-up images are traced onto a cel by a person known as and inker were used by many cartoonists.

To save time and money, many large studios use a photocopy process, rather than hand inking, to transfer lines from the drawn original to the acetate cel. Later a painter will apply vinyl paint colors onto the back of the cel. This cel animation later became the industry standard had changed the Cartoon Industry. There are many ways to create animation, depending on whether the materials used are flat such as drawings, paintings, or cut-out pieces of paper or dimensional such as clay, puppets, household objects, or even people. In each case, an animator must keep in mind the basic principle of frames per second the number of images needed to produce one second of film.

Because sound film runs at twenty-four frames per second, a film animator must make twenty-four images for each second of animation that he or she wishes to create. Although many animation techniques have been used through the years with commercial success, the Disney style of animation, known as full animation because it has constant movement and a high ratio of drawings per second of film, has had the strongest influence worldwide. During the mid-forties a successful alternate style of cel animation was introduced by another studio, United Productions of America UPA.

UPA was founded by Dave Hilberman, Zachary Schwartz, and Stephen Bosustow. They had all left Disney as a result of a strike in Interested in modern art and in addressing social issues, these artists were determined to create a new style of animation, both in form and content. Using simplified designs and stylized color, UPA made an impact on the world of advertising and the then-new field of television.

UPA s technique of using fewer drawings in a more stylized way became known as limited animation. Inconstruction was completed on Disney s Burbank studio. The staff grew to more that 1, artists, animators, story men and technicians. The remainder of his efforts were devoted to the production of comedy short subjects, deemed highly essential to civilian and military morale. Disney s feature, the musical The Three Caballeroscombined live action with cartoon medium, a process he used successfully in such other features as Song of the South and the highly acclaimed Mary Poppins.

In all 81 features were released the studio during his lifetime. Walt s inquisitive mind and keen sense for education through entertainment resulted in the award-winning True-Life Adventure series.

Walt disney research paper

Through such films a The Living Desert, The Vanishing Prairie, The African Lion. Inthe Disney company launched a popular weekly television series called Disneyland. The series ran under various other names, including The Wonderful World of Disney until This became the longest-running prime time series in television network history. By its third decade, more than million people were entertained, including presidents, kings and queens and royalty from all over the globe.

A pioneer in the field of television programming, Disney began production inand was among the first to present full-color programming with his Wonderful World of Color in The Mickey Mouse Club and Zorro were popular favorites in the s. At about the time of Unfited Productions of America s debut, television was gaining prominence in American society.

This led to the establishment of new animation studios by Jay Ward creator of the Bullwinkle series and the team of Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera creators of Yogi BearThe Flinstones and The Jetson s UPA s method of limited animation was used as a way to create material economically and quickly. High color contract and solid color fields were also widely used, since television laced the resolution of motion pictures and therefore required clearly defined images.

InWalt Disney turned his attention toward the problem of improving quality of urban life in America. He personally directed the design on an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, or EPCOT, planned as a living showcase for the creativity of American industry. Said Disney, I don t believe there is a challenge anywhere in the world that is more important to people everywhere than finding the solution to the problems of our cities.

But where do we begin? Well, we re convinced we must start with the public need. And the need is not just for curing the old ills of old cities. We think the need is for starting from scratch on virgin land and building a community that will become a prototype for the future. Disney directed the purchase of 43 square miles of virgin land twice the size of Manhattan Island in the center of the state of Florida. Here, he master planned a whole new Disney world of entertainment to include a new amusement theme park, motel-hotel resort vacation center and his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

After more than seven years of master planning an preparation, including 52 months of actual construction, Walt Disney World opened to the public as scheduled on October 1, Epcot Center opened on October 1, Two trends in the animation industry are likely to have a profound influence on its future: Aside from television, the largest influence on the style of recent animation worldwide has come from computer technologies.

Good Cisney on your paper! Disney would not rest until he created his dream: After deeming the name Mortimer much too pompous, Lily suggested giving walt disney research paper the mouse a cuter name, such as Mickey. He had thought his new studio would have solved all these problems, but unfortunately the animators didn"t find it to be the paradise Walt did.

Experiments with electronic animation began in the s, but it was not until the late s that computer animation became imaginable beyond scientific and government applications. Computer-animated special effects and technologies to enhance live-action images have become a dominant characteristic of motion pictures, especially in the action, science fiction and horror areas. During the s, the Walt Disney company produced an average of one animated feature per year. They released such successes as The Little MermaidBeauty and the BeastAladdinThe Lion King and Pocahontas At the same time, several other Hollywood, California animation studios such as Warner Bros.

And Hanna-Barbera, undertook heavy production schedules of feature-length animation, as well as shorts for television.

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The increasing significance of new technologies in the animation industry is exemplified in the work of American animator John Lasseter who directed Toy Story. The release of this film displayed three-dimensional animation techniques. Of Cal Arts, Walt once said, It s the principal thing I hope to leave when I move on to greener pastures. If I can help to provide a place to develop the talent of the future, I think I will have accomplished something. Walt Disney is a legend and a folk hero of the 20th century. His worldwide popularity was based upon the ideas which his name represents: Walt Disney did more to touch the hearts, minds, and emotions of millions of Americans than any other man in the past century.

Through his work, he brought joy, happiness, and a universal means of communication to the people of every nation. Essays, term papers, research papers related:


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