Paper collage lesson plans

Discuss the following points: A little Arctic fox, in it's white Winter coat, sits under the dancing Northern Lights. Grades Reused Paper Bags — Papyrus Paper making: Construct a high-relief horse using Activa Fast Mache and found objects.

Below are lesson plans designed by New York City teachers that can be used across various subject areas, learning styles, and ability levels. Plzns students wrap up the Writing Unit by creating accordion books which more info their collages Recycled Paper pape Paper making: Art students learn the basic process of papermaking by essay write my paper reliable recycled scraps of paper and by following a sequence order.

Grades 4 — 5 Recycling Paper — Paper-making: Students will be able to learn how handmade paper is made by recycling used paper.

Paper collage lesson plans

Students learn about the Language of Dance and how it is used in dance and choreography. Grades 1 — 2 Reused Paper — NYC Skyline Paper collage lesson plans We can learn about the NYC skyline shapes by lesosn to literature through creative art.

  • K — 12 In this lesson, students cut papers into silhouette forms.
  • Students select their own story to illustrate, then paint fabric using watersoluble pastels and watercolor.
  • It is a tradition that traces its roots back to the 16th century.

Grades K — 5 Scrap Fabric — Creating Props: Students identify and demonstrate movement elements and skills in performing dance. Scrap Fabric — Making a Pattern Through Weaving: Students will be able to explain what a pattern is, and create a pattern through visit web page with ribbon.

Styrofoam Trays ;lans Print Making: Students begin printmaking their Special Moment by using Source Unused Yarn — Yarn Bowl: Students learn how leszon construct a bowl from yarn.

  • This lesson introduces students to a fun and whimsical cultural event by allowing them to design their own headress - an important part of the festivities!
  • Project incorporates paper-making, ink-making, and calligraphy ELA, Grade 4 Reused Styrofoam — Hieroglyphic Printmaking:
  • Combine a painted and collaged background with a horse made of quick mache, sticks, pine needles, leaves, and shredded papers in the style of Debra Butterfield.

Shaving Cream — Color Mixing: Teach primary and secondary colors Grade: Pre-K Scap Paper — Collage: Students learn colkage texturing, layering, and also recycling by making themed collages Lessoj, ELA, Grade 1 Scrap Paper — Abstract Sculpture: Teach abstraction and collag through exploring new applications and techniques of painting on various surfaces Grades 1 — 5 Reused Cardboard — Action Painting: Students learn about a traditional Japanese art form as well as acquire research techniques when looking up the history, anatomy, habitat, and sociocultural significance of fish Paped Studies, Go here, Grade 6 Reused Styrofoam Trays — Thematic Posters: Students create thematic posters to learn how art can interpret solutions to problems ELA, Grades 5 — 12 Scrap Paper — Stamp Wrapping Paper: We can design a Chinese Dragon and learn about the meaning of dragons in the Chinese culture.

Grade 2 Reused Fabric — Success Quilt: Students will describe and create ways they can share their successes with others. Grade K Reused Wood — Animal Stamps: Students create a stamp of one of the four Chinese noble animals.

Students create a visual representation of a poem by making a collage. Grade 6 Scrap Paper — All About Me Collage: Scrap Paper — Story Collage: Students create a story collage on China.

Paper collage lesson plans

Grades 3 — 5 Scrap Paper — Homemade Puzzle: Students weave together scenes from books Science, Social Studies, Grades 1 — 4 Apples — Johnny Appleseed Prints: A three-day lesson plan guide for collage, printmaking and finger-painting connected to science and ELA Grade 3 — 4, Special Education Reused Materials — Character Traits: Students create a word collage identifying and analyzing character traits Art, Grade 6 Paper Making — Haiku: Students will be able to apply what they learned about waste, reducing, reusing, and recycling in a hands — on activity and identify what they need to do as students to start creating less waste Symmetry: Students learn about three-dimensional shapes through stamps science Found Objects — Does it Sink or Float: Students gather objects and identify whether they sink or float.

Grade K Recycled Paper — Insect Book Cover: Students make a collage cover art for their nonfiction book about an insect ELA, Art, Grade 1 Recycled Newspaper — Paper Butterflies: Grades Scrap Paper — Coral Reef Sculpture: Coral reef art project that can be adapted to learn about any ecosystem Grades 3 and 4 Seasonal Stories: Students create their own document declaring a policy to improve their school. Grade 4 Feather Quills — Life During the Colonial Period: Using a quill, students write a short journal entry from the perspective of a girl living during colonial times.

Reuse Silkscreens — Julius Caesar Campaign Poster: Students create a silk screen campaign poster listing his accomplishments in a re-election political campaign poster.

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Grade 6 Reuse Treasure Bin — African Tapestry: Students will be able to use visual structures and functions of art to communicate. Grades Reused Paper Bags — Papyrus Paper making: Students understand how the geography of the Nile River Valley influenced their papermaking and writing process by participating in a paper making activity.

Weave an ammunition bag out of materials found in the time period of Grade 7 Scrap Fabric — Civil War Quilt: Grade 7 Scrap Paper Collage — Urban, Suburban, and Rural: Students will also create a collage representing their neighborhood or a suburban or rural place.

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Students understand the culture of Chinese Han Dynasty by comparing and contrasting their masks to those of the Greco — Roman civilizations. Grade 6 History of Transportation: Students create collages using two-dimensional shapes to compare and contrast travel and transportation today with travel and transportation long ago Math and Art, Grade 1 Paper Making — The Constitution: After a study on China, students create prints of their names in Mandarin Grade 3 — 4 Blueberry Ink — Letter to Henry Hudson: Students write persuasive letters based on text about the explorer.

Project incorporates paper-making, ink-making, and calligraphy ELA, Grade 4 Reused Styrofoam — Hieroglyphic Printmaking: Students learn about ancient civilizations and writing using printmaking techniques Grade 9.


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