My strengths as a writer essay list


November 22, by Bruce Byfield Having had over professional sales in the last seven or eight steengths, I am starting to strrengths myself writerr writer without feeling like a fraud.

My strengths as a writer essay list

To help me make decisions about what other kinds of writing I want to try, I have drawn up a list essaj my strengths and weaknesses as a writer as honestly esay I can. Here they are, in no particular order: My strengths as a writer essay list An omnivorous reading habit: I would also know much less about the possible choices when I writdr.

A reliance on a spoken vocabulary: I can define far more words than I please click for source in anything except academic writing. I link what I write or read in source head as though it were spoken out loud.

Consequently, my writing has a rhythm to it that helps draw attention esday it. A belief in the importance of truth: But I link believe that truth exists strenvths, and that some viewpoints are more strenggths than strehgths, and worth expressing as accurately as possible.

My strengths as a writer essay list

Myy difficulty in lying: An wgiter of structure: While I am proud of my ability to reel off memorable phrases, I am prouder of my ability to see the structure in a piece of writing, and to give a suitable shape to my own work. This ability is rarer than the ability to produce striking phrases, and more important to successful writing. An ability to draw analogies: In my experience, most people see differences around them. I see similarities, which means that I can often suggest something new to them. A belief in the need for fairness, and for acknowledging other viewpoints: This belief has nothing to do with being friendly and everything to do with improving the development of my thoughts.

I deepen the development of thoughts when I consider alternative explanations. I also give myself more to write about as I explain why my chosen explanation works and what is wrong with other ones. A perception of multiple-causes: And, by acknowledging multiple-causation, I find still more to write about.

A memory strong on recognition, but not outstanding on recall: Often, I cannot dredge up a memory myself.

I suspect that recognition is more important than recall for a writer, because, when a memory is buried, all sorts of interesting connections are made to it in your mind. Weaknesses A reluctance to edit: By the time I finish writing, my mind is already moving on to something else. An over-use of transitions: A phobia about fiction: Above all else, I want to be a fiction writer.

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But, when I try to write fiction, I freeze up. A straining after effect: I am far too fond of the original or striking phrase, perhaps because my first professional publications were poetry.

A handwriting that is indecipherable: In elementary school, I won prizes for neat handwriting. Then I became a university instructor, and wrote so many comments on student essays that my cursive writing became illegible.

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I switched to printing, and it also became illegible — even to me. An over punctiliousness about references: While these habits make for absolute clarity, they often sound awkward, especially when I use a name too many times in the same sentence or paragraph. A love of weasel words: In compensating for the qualifiers I use naturally, I often go too far and sound too blunt, or even rude.

Second, I have never strengthx enjoyed writing. Choose Your Writer and Other Bonus Features. Blogging tight budget and afford to online key aspects. Those continue write methods search engine that covers a look. Along with grammatical errors, run on sentences are my greatest weakness. The first step toward accepting your strengths and weaknesses is to figure out what they are. PER BREMBO LA SICUREZZA DEI PROPRI ….

A tendency to write lists: However, others probably reflect that I mainly write non-fiction, and still others are undoubtedly idiosyncratic. Still, I offer them for whatever they might be worth. They are not the formula for success of a kindbut I hope they might be interesting as one formula for success.

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