Argumentative essay about civil marriage in lebanon

Argumentative essay about civil marriage in lebanon

By nencyaoun A civil marriage is click at this page legal relationship that results visit web page a contract by which one man and one woman mutually promise to live together in the relationship of husband and more info, in law for life or until the legal termination of the relationship.

Unfortunately, civil marriage does not exist in Lebanon; however the country recognizes civil marriage which took place outside the Lebanese territory. Marriages in Lebanon are performed by religious authorities from one of the 18 sects registered.

The questions raised here are the following: What are its advantages and benefits? Personally, I think efforts should be increased to legalize civil marriage because it has positive impacts on the Lebanese public. Civil marriage is permitted in many countries in the region, from Turkey to Argumentative essay about civil marriage in lebanon, but it has always been out of the question in Lebanon. In a reform bill introduced by then President Elias Hrawi was passed by cabinet only argumentative essay about civil marriage in lebanon be vetoed by Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Critics insist that a law legalizing civil marriage will never pass because influential religious leaders resist any move toward secularization, which would mitigate their power and facilitate inter-religious unions. Marriages are also an important source of income for sheikhs and priests, and allowing none religious services would deprive them of revenues.

Civil marriage in Lebanon: the couple that divided the country

And divorces are lucrative too, and among Christians they can cost tens of thousands of dollars. And others think that sectarianism is the only institution in Lebanon, and any attempt toward secularization would mean the erosion of the whole system.

However, the recent marriage of Khouloud and Nidal brought zrgumentative the issue to the national spotlight. Open Document Below is an essay on "Civil Marriage" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. However, I see things a bit differently. Media has been publicizing it seriously.

On the other hand, civil marriage has so many advantages, and the sooner it is allowed and accepted in Lebanon, the better for the coexistence and integration of the Lebanese society. We should believe in civil marriage institution and support it because: Therefore Lebanese couples should have the right to get married without worrying about their race, religions and beliefs.

Perhaps worth marriage essay civil about lebanon argumentative in phenomenal achievement

After all, religion is something personal. Why does one of them need to convert? And usually women are obliged to convert.

Lebanon in essay about argumentative civil marriage business writing

Moreover, civil marriage is a right for non-religious people who wish not to marry in any of the religious institutions. Actually freedom of belief, Decree and thought are essential according to the Universal Declaration of Human rights, articles 18, 19, And finally we should believe that men and women are equal and should enjoy the same social and economical rights.

Civil marriage encourages equality between genders on many levels including marital rights, inheritance, and divorce and child custody as compared to most religious marriages that favor fathers.

Argumentative essay about civil marriage in lebanon

To sum up, legalizing civil marriage would be very effective in Lebanon, it is very essential, and standing against it is a violation of the basic human rights, a violation of the concept of tolerance and a discrimination against a considerable part of the Lebanese society.


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