Writing sites for students advanced


Posted on 24 May by Alexandra Lowe In my last blog postI offered a quick overview of six grammar websites that Click have found consistently helpful to high-beginners and intermediate students looking for additional grammar practice outside of class. It offers detailed pointers on both the writing process itself and academic writing, as well as links to refreshers aimed at correcting the kinds of grammar errors to which many writers—ELLs and writing sites speakers of English alike—are writing sites for students advanced.

In addition, I have recently discovered several less well-known sites that are worth the attention of advanced students as well as their instructors.

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Like many writing websites, Hyper Grammar includes helpful suggestions for writing a paragraph, a topic sentence, and a thesis statement. However, in my opinion, its most useful features are its step-by-step guidelines on building essays from the ground up, with clear and helpful explanations on how to build phrases, clauses, and sentences.

Writing sites for students advanced

Its explanation of why different sentence structures matter is particularly cogent. It includes an excellent cross-cultural explanation of how writing in American universities differs from that in other cultures as well as outstanding and clear pointers on such challenging topics as writing strong thesis statements. These are challenging activities that will really make students and their instructors!

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Finally, a new textbook that integrates grammar and academic writing for ELLs crossed my desk recently. Bunting, Luciana Diniz, and Randi Reppen Cambridge Indeed, the AWL is reprinted as an appendix, with cross-references to the chapters where those words are used in sample essays.


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