What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing a comparison contrast

In this telecourse program, we writibg how sketch comedy writers disadvanatges laughs by click at this page the expected with the unexpected. We see how a musicologist uses division and classification to write a disadvantaves about percussion instruments from around the world. We see how police officers, marine biologists, sports reporters, comparisom business people, use these genres to solve problems, and to eventually produce a research document, news story, or report.

Even the students featured are using the thought process to make a contrastt. As Mike Rose of UCLA points out, sometimes anf cookie cutter formulas for such genres are helpful for inexperienced students get avvantages in wirting composition arw. Learning Objectives This writint Familiarize students with common strategies of comparison, including: Encourages students to invent their own comparison styles, what are the advantages and disadvantages of writing a comparison contrast necessarily relying on formulas.

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Provides examples of people who apply these strategies to solve writing adn in the world beyond the classroom. Two common critical thinking strategies that also become important in wriiting involve comparing and wdvantages — or — dividing and classifying ideas into distinct categories to make sense to the reader — and whqt person doing the writing. English instructor Michael Bertsch says comparing and contrasting is a way of searching for and organizing material. We naturally break things down and classify them.

We go into a coffee what are the advantages and disadvantages of writing a comparison contrast, and we see X cimparison of tue that are caffeinated; Disadvantqges amount of coffees that are decaffeinated. We adbantages classify them as to whether they are cappuccinos or lattes. A menu essentially is a classification. As they practice this cintrast in actual academic contexts, they get more proficient disaddvantages it. Marine Biologist Advantabes Rodgers explains how she uses comparison and contrast to research what other scientists have done in disadvantagees field.

She tje uses click strategy to check the growth rates of endangered oysters. The program continues with more real-life examples.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing a comparison contrast

Mike Rose comments that this particular mode works very well with student writers having a hard time getting started. But he also wants them to think about what this device can and cannot do. We see English instructor Glen Downey and a student and the Contrasr of British Colombia going over an essay. Another approach to this discussion is to talk about how different an essay is, if form comes before content — as opposed to content coming before form.

Others prefer to use a pre-determined pattern, used by many writers compariison them. The two most common patterns of comparison and contrast are fairly obvious. In one style of comparison, subject-by-subject the writer uses the first half of the essay to examine and describe the attributes of one object — and the second half of the essay to compare and contrast another.

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In the other style of comparison, the writer alternates points point-by-point — using a line or two for the first object, a line or two for the second object, a line or two for the first object again, and so forth. Or, you can write point-by-point. Notice, in this section, how Officer Turner uses comparison and contrast to determine the behavior of subjects under the influence of controlled substances. Her reports feature both point-by-point and subject-by-subject comparisons, though the writing is not the result of a contrived formula.

Chitra Divakaruni says her students love to classify automobiles. Teresa Redd gives her students a practical exercise of classifying apartments listed in their area. Ask the students to come up with some real-life examples. The resulting book, titled Rhythm and the Beauty is an excellent application of division and classification — both as a thinking strategy and as a writing strategy. He also plays some of the instruments for the viewers, demonstrating his classification system. Related Exercises EXERCISE 1.

It is possible disadvantagges communicate very often too. Use the four traits you select to develop a want ad for an ideal 21st century father. Thinking About Phase Four: The emotional aspect is also a plus because you would definitely feel better at home.

FOOD CRITICS Ask your students to visit two very different restaurants. Have them take notes about everything they encounter, and ask them to bring the notes to class or to post them to an online bulletin board for the class to read. Use these notes to first brainstorm, and then to organize material from which an essay may be written. Post these responses for the class to read. Ask them to write a comparison and contrast paper about the experience. Ask them to bring the annotated list of categories to class, or have them post the list online.

The point of this exercise is to have the students justify their opinions about this use of comparison and contrast by virtue of the annotations supplied by the library owner.

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The same exercise can be adapted for music collections. Have each student prepare a three-minute presentation: These presentations may take place in a classroom or in a chat room. Can you think of real-life thinking or writing challenges that will require you to divide and classify or compare and contrast? Students can use this form to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses. Instructors may photocopy this form and give it to students for use with peer feedback sessions or for use in revising their own papers.

If not, is the writer using a creatively designed, alternative scheme for comparing and contrasting? Or is the essay simply poorly organized? Or is the essay simply a listing of raw information, with no identifiable thesis, premise, or central idea? Identify the main point of the essay, if there is one. Point out when the writer uses examples or figurative images to communicate effectively. Point out when the writer uses description or definition to communicate effectively. Point out when the writer uses humor or personal anecdotes to communicate effectively.

Identify any surface errors — especially in spelling, grammar or diction — that you spot in the essay. Downey is shown in this program working with a student who has an early draft of a paper about two architects. The student could use a better understanding of comparison and contrast as a thinking strategy to develop the paper.

This is his response. Please feel free to visit our web site www. E-MAIL FROM GLEN DOWNEY Peter: One of the most significant challenges that a writing instructor faces when dealing with a student who is tackling a comparison-contrast essay is the tendency on the part of the student to approach the paper in one of the following two ways: The first of these approaches tends to produce a paper that tries to do far too much and steps all over the requisite word limit set by the instructor, while the second often produces a very superficial analysis of the subjects or areas of knowledge being compared.

The student in the second case needs to understand, of course, that although each of the subjects they are comparing will be given less individual treatment than they would in an argumentative paper in which one was the sole focus, these subjects need to be given no less critical treatment. For instance, I might like to know something about the similarities and differences in the paintings of Cezanne and Duchamp, but I would be distrustful of a word essay that proposed to prove to me why one of these artists is better than the other.

Questions for Faculty Forum Discussion 1. What have your experiences been with this type of assignment?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing a comparison contrast

Have you found ways to create a meaningful context for these types of assignments? How do you connect this type of assignment to the rest of the course and to the writing students will do in their lives beyond the English composition classroom? How do you react to Dr. ANSWER KEY Chapter All of the above. None of the above. According to this chapter, strategies that students can consider when drafting a comparison essay include.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing a comparison contrast


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