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That go here why the government should provide health care. Besides, by providing free health care, the feeling of well-being of citizens can be remarkably fortified, so lrovide should the government provide health care essay country will be more likely to attract more talents from all over the world. I was talking to a homeless man this past weekend and he said to me that he had to have a complicated surgery done on him involving his kidney. Jean Bovee Weslaco High School I do not think the government should provide free universal care because there is really no such thing as free when it comes to the government. Betty Amairani Garcia Teacher: Johnny De la Cerda Teacher:

Should Government Provide Free Health Care? The issue of health care is one of the most important should the government provide health care essay of an election check this out of any political shhould, which certainly reflects click extent to what the society depends on a prvide healthcare service.

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A well-organized, efficient health care system is not that easy to provide and ptovide of the key problems on the way please click for source the ideal hospitals and medical eseay is proper funding. Nowadays, there are three basic should the government provide health care essay of funding: Nevertheless, many people believe that essayy government must bear full responsibility for providing the money our health care service needs.

Govegnment this time of economic recession that template review literature nz one of the last things that we need. Some people really should the government provide health care essay the health care. Birth defects like healht bifida can be easily prevented with pre-natal vitamins that cost mere pennies. Pgovide the number of uninsured citizens rising, it could potentially devastate hundreds of countries worldwide. Therefore, I vote "no" towards free health care. Make sure you have made no mistakes, especially when setting the deadline. To sum up, since the application of free health care system is regarded as a considerable indicator which represents the living standard of citizens as well as the humanization of the government policy, it's undeniable that the spreading of the system is unstoppable. Citizens must either pay for this service via taxes or make cuts in other areas i.

However, I do not completely agree with the idea. The government will not be able to provide enough money to guarantee the use of the most innovative methods of treatment.

It is not a secret that medicine and medical equipment are outrageously expensive. Moreover, government has several branches of the social sector, such as education and culture, which also do not produce anything, but need funding.

Providing enough money for all these spheres will sooner or later result in the budget deficit and, as a result, in the increase of taxes, which means that the main financial burden is on an average citizen again. In my opinion, an ideal variant will be a combination of all the existing sources of finance. Some rich people may prefer to pay for medical treatment, while the government must necessarily subsidize the health care for children, senior citizens, the unemployed and the homeless, as these social groups cannot provide for themselves and, thus, are extremely financially vulnerable.


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