Career aspirations essay

The following essay was submitted to the Harvard MBA program by our client. The client was accepted to the program. Long Run Objective My long-run objective is to achieve a senior managerial position in a large carefr corporation that markets, or essau manufactures, commodities. One of my highest aspirations is to be one of those who establishes, or significantly advances, such a corporation.

Therefore, I intend to develop within the scope of one firm. Short Run Objectives Looking ten years back, I view my esay experience in business management, army service, political and public positions, and traveling as a part of the solid background that can generate a successful senior manager in a multinational commodities corporation. To complete my preparation process, my short-run objectives are: Click — to acquire quality general academic education in business administration while also mastering the English axpirations. Second — to develop within the scope of one firm.

HBS — a Measure and a Target In Itself I wish to say, sincerely, that in my opinion HBS will fulfill my first short-run aspirationns optimally. HBS has aspirafions qualities that best fit my expectations, objective, and background. The more I hear and read about HBS — the more I feel I belong there; it is considered the best school in the world for developing general management skills and acquiring management tools in the marketing and consumption areas.

Graduates gain excellent placement can master thesis antenna Walsh and leading positions. Essag has no competitors in academic level and in world-wide fame I learned that from talking to people in China, Eastern Europe, and Arab countries. In conclusion, I believe that studying at HBS will be a great experience. Moreover, it will provide the optimal accomplishment for my first short-term objective, as fareer as a significant advancement towards achieving my long-term goal.

Describe your career progress to date and your future short-term and long-term career goals. How do you expect a Wharton MBA to help you achieve these goals, and why is now the best time for you to join our program. Carrer to promote myself within the organization, I wish to become click here Vice President of Marketing in the fiber optics segment, supervising several dozens of employees.

Walter lipmann essay the indispensable opposition

Lippmann writes lipman great confidence as he uses strong diction and factual information to portray his wa,ter. Lippman uses pathos to bring this strongly-spoken passage down to a level that allows walter lipmann essay the indispensable opposition to connect more. His words are powerfully backed behind a passion for this topic that translates to the audience of this piece. He repeatedly states how it is lipmanm that people believe that their freedom of speech essay at simply being able to voice walter lipmann essay the indispensable opposition you want to li;mann.

Freedom of speech also includes the ability to freely contradict what others have to say, while at the same time being able to tolerate opinions that you do not wholly agree with. Lippman explains how a man shows weakness if he does not have capability to take or give a blunt rebuttal. Lippman writes as if he is arguing with the audience, not spitting facts and positions at them. Lippman also incorporates an important historical approach in this passage.

Lippman then goes on to say that men should start to follow what Voltaire was trying to say. Instead of removing the people who voice controversial opinions, why not let them speak and truly exercise our freedom of speech. Men are afraid; afraid to speak out and afraid to let others speak out.

Lippman also uses ethos as he references the Constitution in his passage. This shows that he is using a credible source as the origin of his claims. Lippman makes a very interesting point in this passage, and does a superb job of getting his argument across to the audience..

Victorian internet essay

Tom Standage Walker One worldwide web, spreading news, messages and information faster and more freely than ever before. Fortunes made in trading start-up company stocks, and lost in victorian internet essay next market crash. A global community, linked by rapidly evolving electronic wizardry managed by highly paid electronic magicians. Incompatible systems, online romances, and vociferous debates about government control and the impact of the new technology. The title of Tom Standage's richly detailed and immensely entertaining social history reminds us that, as revolutionary as the Internet may seem, it has all happened before.

In fact, the advent of telegraphic communication in the midth century did more to change society, argues Standage, than the development of today's Internet. We were getting up-to-the-minute news by television and radio before the emerging online services opened a pipeline to personal computers. Victorian internet essay could talk to friends and families with a telephone and get stock prices by calling a broker before e-mail was invented.

But in just click for source America of the s, messages moved by boat, train or horseback. Instantaneous electrical communication seemed so miraculous that Samuel Morse's first message on his telegraph line from Washington, D. The second message on that line, sent immediately after the words that had been so carefully composed for the historical record, was "Have you any news. Their invention was the basis for the semaphore systems — lines of towers signaling one another with movable arms or alternating black and white panels — that were built across France and England during the next few decades.

But these systems were expensive to build and operate, they didn't work in the dark and their transmissions could be read by anyone along the line of sight. Over the course of the 19th century this primitive network of flapping, clanking machines evolved into a global communication system. Independently invented in England and the United States, the electric telegraph soon crisscrossed continents with copper wire and linked them with underwater cables.

Nimble-fingered operators sent, received and retransmitted messages day and night. Webs of pneumatic tubes moved printed copies of messages between nearby stations and, in Paris and other major cities, throughout the urban center. And cadres of messengers ran telegrams from the end of the transmission line directly to the recipient's home or office. Nor does he feel compelled to point out each and every similarity that obtains between the telegraphic internet and its computer counterpart of today.

Magic essay typer plagiarism

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Communication essay skill

Writing Communciation Communication Skills Essay Communication skills skilll important communicagion any category of persons communication essay skill in different career. These skills are quite useful at any time of essy life and in any place including workplace, churches and families. Good ski,l has effect on the way people see each other in life as well as the direction that an individual can decide to take. These elements include, listening, speaking, communicaton and writing. Working with an experience that communication essay skill once had will help you develop effective communicated ideas.

It also helps you get writing strategies or directions to having a good essay. Communication essay skill recommendation about further studies that you feel commuincation be deliberated upon later in the essay. Note all of these elements and begin the essay by making a general statement regarding the importance of communication skills and why and how communication has affected your life. This should be your opening statement. Do not delve into specifics about the different kinds of communication.

Simply make a general statement about the importance of it. Proof your argument in relation to an experience that you had when you listened to another person. Listening is a crucial virtue especially when making major decision or change especially in leadership role. It can be in job interview, during class work or any other situation. Explain how having the ability to listen can help you achieve a lot.

Take a situation where you went through piece of work written by someone else and the information that you got. There other situations where you can be able to develop your communication skills like writing professional work to others. You can talk about a speech that you probably give to a group of people. In that speech you should include the subject you were discussing should be significant. How well did you convey the message to the public and the way you conveyed your point. In your discussion discuss when you speak in assertive, clear speech or colloquial speech.

Provide a sample situation where all this applied to help your reader understand better. You can ask for a second opinion to help you out in checking any errors. Ensure that you have used proper grammar, sentence structure and clear ideas..

Movie book comparison essay

Movie and Book Comparison Essay Custom Movie book comparison essay Continue reading. Teacher ENG 14 June Movie and Book Comparison Tuesdays With Morrie is both a book and a movie. They are alike and different movie book comparison essay so many different ways. The movie is never going to have as see more detail as the book did, but they did a good job making the movie as close as possible to the book.

Movie book comparison essay book covered a lot more aspects of the story than the movie did, and the book focused read article the bigger more important parts. There were a lot of main points that the book and movie were alike. In both Morrie dies the same way with the same people around him. As the story progresses Morrie starts to lighten up on the job and work towards a relationship with Morrie. By having this relationship with Morrie helps his relationship back home with his girlfriend who is getting tired of Mitch not giving her the attention she deserves.

One last thing that the book and movie had in common was that each time Mitch went to visit Morrie he could tell Morrie was getting worse and worse. Even though the movie did a great job making the book come to life, the movie and book had a couple differences. In the movie they show Janine giving the proposal ring back to Mitch in the airport, but in the book they never mentioned that. The book focused more on the relationship between Morrie and Mitch when the movie focused on both. Some movies that are made from a book are most of the time completely different, but this movie resembled the book perfectly.

The movie covered the most important parts of the book, which made it a success..

Girl by jamaica kincaid essay

She scolds her daughter for the way she gkrl, the way she plays marbles, and how gril relates to other people. The Transformative Power of Domesticity The mother believes that kincaid essay knowledge will not only save her daughter from a life of promiscuity and ruin but will also empower her as the head of her household and jwmaica productive member of the community. She basically believes that there are only two types of women: Household work therefore brings power and even prestige to women in esaay to keeping grl busy and away from temptation. Readers vy the reverence the mother has for the power of domesticity because of the numerous specific instructions she gives her daughter, such as how to cook pumpkin fritters, sweep, grow okra, buy bread, and wash clothes.

Motifs Food The mother repeatedly emphasizes food throughout her lecture to reinforce her belief that happiness comes from domesticity. The acts—and art—of making pumpkin fritters, tea, bread pudding, doukona, and pepper pot thus take on greater meaning as elements that link women to their families, their households, and the greater community. Interestingly, foods such as doukona and pepper pot also act as anchors that squarely place the story in Antigua and the Caribbean.

Cloth Cloth and its relationship to appearances and proper housekeeping reappear throughout the story to highlight the importance of respectability. Washing, sewing, and ironing allow women not only to project their status but also their productivity and self-worth. Organized, productive, well-groomed women appear competent and in control and consequently have much less chance of falling under suspicion of having had illicit relationships with men.

The mother therefore stresses the importance of dress and appearance to save the daughter from a life of disrespect..

Cause effect essay eating disorders

Disorfers TO OUR BLOG. This kind of sickness attacks mainly eatint young people in the adolescence for the desire of having a thin and perfect body. This eating disorder is caused by many reasons. The first reason of those causes is the social pression. The unreal disogders that appear on tv or magazines show cause effect essay eating disorders that we have to be continue reading them. This kind of "perfect people" make many girls feel awful, ugly, and fat whit regar to the rest of the people.

As a result, they take themselves to a dangerous depression that carries them to stop eating or eating only a little bit. This depression is the second cause that has a lot of influence in this sickness. This is why they begin to put in a fight whit themselves. This figth starts whit a strict diet and excessive excercise which are the last cause. The person starts to do a lot of excersise whit the unique purpose to lose weight that is not often necessary.

For this reason people stars eating only "healthy food" but sometimes they do not eat because they think that everything make them more fat. As a result, this obsession sometimes ends whit the people's lives. This kind of eating dissorder is very dangerous and very common to get.

But sometimes we do not know how it progresses. Nowadays the different sympthoms described avobe can help you to identify if somebody close to you or you are in this situation and start whit the right treatment that could help you to improve your psychology and body health..