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I'm preparing for an English test in my university, so I tried the sample paper here: So, any help is appreciated. Higher education is an indispensable part of today's society.

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On one hand, universities are invaluable resources for students to prepare for their future. Students gain not Goals Of Higher Education Essay the necessary knowledge for their future careers, but also the article source skills that is inevitably useful in life.

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Other than that, higher education is one of the tools for the nation click to see more fulfill its aims. Government depends on the higher education to ensure the quality of the nation's manpower. Then a question arises, what is the true purpose of higher education? In the author's opinion, the true purpose should be the achievement of the students' goals.

Goals Of Higher Education Essay

The conflict about the purpose of education is not new. Francis Bacon wrote in the 16th century that knowledge should be practical. He believed that knowledge should not be learned for own satisfaction. "Goals Of Higher Education Essay" the other hand, John Cardinal Newman stated the opposite.

  • The attempt to increase the number of foreign students through programs on campus that bring students from their home countries to the US campus, or in locating satellite campuses overseas.
  • The investment by government in higher education, including research labs and preparatory facilities, may result in the creation of new products and services, but will definitely result in the production of highly prepared workers needed by industry for their pursuit of commercializing innovation.
  • The preparation of entrepreneurial minds typically occurs within business schools.

The consensus on the purposes of higher education remains unresolved until today. The wrong purpose of education would unavoidably place burdens in the students' progress. Institutions of higher education may add unnecessary pressure to the students. In the long term, this would give unwanted effects on the students' life.

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Therefore, it is important for the universities to decide the correct path. Arguably, higher education should be focused on the achievement of the students' goals. All citizens have the right to pursue their dreams and interests.

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Thus, higher education should give them the opportunity. Universities have to provide conducive atmosphere for students to gain the skills that they need in the future.

  • A truck driver earns the same income and potentially even more depending on the amount of hours he works, all without a college degree.
  • It seems that holding a specialized degree in educational administration or some related field is rapidly becoming the credential needed for higher academic administration.
  • Ipads and laptop computers have became the basics, and the useage of paper and handwriting skills have almost became obsolete.

Fulfillment of national aims, on the other hand, may be the original purpose that the higher education is built in the first place. The nation definitely needs universities to educate the citizens. In the long term, the real aim is the development of the nation in general. However, this should not be seen as the true purpose of higher education, because it may be an obstacle for the students' study process.

Once the students gain enough knowledge and skills, the nations' development will automatically progress steadily. However, it is equally important that the students understand their role in national building. Every student is a part of the large society which develops the whole nation.

Therefore, the students are supposed to contribute back to the society after they earned so much from it. It is also the role of universities to show the students their role in the society and how they can contribute to the society. In conclusion, the highest purpose of university education should be the achievement of the students' goal, instead of the fulfillment of national aims. All citizens deserve education to pursue their goals, without being burdened by other things.

Therefore the universities should be focused on providing knowledge for students.

Therefore Eesay universities should be focused on providing knowledge for students. McDonaldization has also changed how we view the value of education. Funding college education Hugher your children will Educxtion represent the second largest out Goals Of Higher Education Essay pocket expense that a family will incur in their lifetime. We can probably agree that adult students come with their character well developed and in need of a practical education. This is exactly why Henry is endorsing higher educational scarcity. It becomes a habit of thought, a way of interpreting our world. The proliferation in the number and power of professional and occupational accrediting boards--these organizations often dictate both courses and course content to the faculty. The widespread adoption of a general liberal arts program of study could serve as an alternative to the rampant specialization in our culture.

After the students achieve their goals, they will undoubtedly contribute to the nations' development.


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