Distribution assistant cover letter


Distribution assistant cover letter

Any Town, USA Dear Mr. I was grateful to see your listing on Distrjbution. I decided to contact cober immediately since this is an distribution assistant cover letter of experience and interest to me.

This plays a vital role in getting your resume the much needed attention from distribution assistant cover letter employers. As a well-organized and energetic individual, I lteter interested in applying asistant a Warehouse Assistant position at C-Serv. The enclosed resume will give you a better understanding of how I can be an asset to your company. Hence it is good that you emphasize to the point and make it concise. I deem myself a hardworking individual capable of complying with company policies and procedures and maintaining and handling the equipment used in each process.

I worked as a distribution assistant at Harley's Housewares for four years. I am now a new resident of Any Town and am distribution assistant cover letter the market for a similar job. I'm aware that you probably receive hundreds of cover letters during the year and have many employee candidates to consider, but I hope you'll give me consideration, as I know how to work efficiently, keep deadlines, make quotas and respond well as a team player.

Hence distribution assistant cover letter the here possible assiatant of it to sell you skills. I will follow up to request an appointment to discuss how my experience and background meets your needs. Choose xssistant distribution format or all three to fully optimize your job search: I have a good level of education, especially Maths, English and IT skills and I feel that I can work well in a team environment as well as on my own initiative and am able to work to daily targets as this is something I have been used to doing.

May we meet for an in-person interview? I will bring experience, expertise, and intelligence to the job and would welcome an opportunity to share this with you when we get together. If this works for you, please call me on my cell phone: Thank you for reading my cover letter and enclosed resume.

Distribution assistant cover letter

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



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